The Big Dream; My Terrifyingly Beautiful Shamanic Initiation into the Arts

While stuck in toxic family cycles of shame and unworthiness that led to an abusive marriage, Dayle sought out the help of shamanic Amazonian plant-medicine, Ayahuasca- but something unusual happened; she couldn't exit the dream-world that the hallucinogen brought her into for forty days after the ceremony.
Dayle's own South African shamanic ancestors awoke in her, giving her cosmic visions and downloads from the universe, teaching her about the ancient ways of healing and empowering her to change her life.
  She woke up in the psychiatric ward of an L.A hospital where Western doctors told her she had gone crazy, but a Native American Jungian Psychologist saw things differently;  a shamanic initiation and call back to traditional African spirituality.  Open this book for an epic journey into the ancestral world of spirit and it's alchemical power to alchemize ancestral trauma. 

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The good people at Mysterious Universe Podcast loved 'The Big Dream' book so much they dedicated 1.5 Hours to examining, reviewing & ultimately celebrating this incredible story. Have a listen!

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Meet the Author

Dayle McLeod (Grandmother River Snake) is a fully initiated South African shaman (sangoma), Death Doula, and Artist (Actress, Musician and Author).

Born in rural Alliston, Ontario, Dayle was the only coloured, queer person in her community and survived her childhood by connecting with the arts, singing in church and performing in community theatre. 

Now she is an award nominated actress that can be seen on Amazon’s ‘The Expanse’, the CW’s ‘Burden of Truth’ & ‘The L.A Complex, and D.W Waterson’s ‘That’s My DJ’ to name a few. She is a talented songwriter/singer with a story-telling Folk Album called ‘In Bloom’ whose music has been featured in multiple films and tv shows such as CBC’s ‘Kim’s Convenience’ & Mary Harron’s ‘Charlie Says’. 

 Dayle is the author of  'The Big Dream; My Terrifyingly Beautiful Shamanic Initiation into the Arts' a memoir chronicling what  it was like to be called to Shamanism.   

Dayle offers a variety of shamanic services ranging from bone-divination readings to performing death rituals.

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